Alan Watt as Guest on
Truth Warrior w/ David Whitehead

Nov. 4, 2013
"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
(Guest on Truth Warrior w/ David Whitehead)
Originally Broadcast Nov. 4, 2013 on Truth Frequency Radio

British Commonwealth, Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR and World Wars - North American Integration - Free Trade Agreement and Shelley Anne-Clark - Pre-Planned Wars, International Finance and Resource Takeover - Standardized Education and News - Revolutions to Overthrow Existing Structures, Use of the Masses - Russian Revolution and Trotsky - System of "Democracy" - Inner and Outer Party - Merger of Communism and the West - Darwin and Royal Society - Dependence on "Experts" - Scientifically-Ordered Society - Training of Warriors, Desensitization to Killing.

Destruction of Cultures - New Feudal System, CEO Overlords - Laws based on Economics - Nation-States "Obsolete" - Global Government - Multiculturalism - Hypersexualization - Culture Creators - Gender-Neutral Music - Charles Galton Darwin and Bioengineering - Infertility - Adaptation to New Normals - Population Reduction - Inoculations and Disabling Diseases - Edward Bernays and Behaviour Modification - Addictive Technology - Fractional Reserve Banking and Money Creation - Bank of Canada - Bank for International Settlements - Elite and Selective Breeding - Devaluation of Life - Eugenics - Perpetual War - "Great" Britain, Fixed Economy and Fictitious History - The Virtual You.