Alan Watt on The Vinny Eastwood Show
Oct. 25, 2013
"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
(Guest on The Vinny Eastwood Show)
(Originally Broadcast Oct. 25, 2013 on American Freedom Radio)

Rigged System of Great Britain - Planned Society - Royal Institute of International Affairs - Revolutionary Movements, World War I and II, League of Nations - Resource Wars - Promotion of Drugs and Promiscuity - Guided Cultural Change - Effects of Technology on Society - Government Grants for Radical Change NGOs - Machinery of Music Business, Creation of Stars, Gender Neutral Songs, "Rap" Music - Contaminated Society - Revolutions - Think Tanks and Strategy - Study of Human Behaviour, Formulas for Change - Peer Pressure - Categorization of the Generations - Show Business, Sharks and Contracts - Magazines and Propaganda Aimed at Women - Old Techniques of Control - Frankfurt School - Expert-Run Society.

Alan's Radio Broadcasts, Books and Music - Standardized Laws, Global Governance, Amalgamated Trading Blocs - RIIA Global Meeting in Australia, Chatham House Rules - Global Banking Clique - Charles Galton Darwin, Hormonal Alteration of Male and Female - Creation of a New Form of Slavery - Planned Takeover by China from U.S. - Dialectic Approach for Change - Economic War - Elite Education - Aldous Huxley - Cecil Rhodes - Winston Churchill - RIIA/CFR - System of Civilization, Leisure Class, Money - Phoenicians, Coinage and Wars, Gold Mines and Slaves - Arranged Marriages of Elite, Selective Breeding - Advisors and Scriptwriters above Front Politicians - Fears in a Monetary System - Corporations behind China - Recruitment (or Elimination) of Bright Students - Inner and Outer Party - Abdication of King Edward - Communist Revolutionaries - Bill Clinton - Psychopaths - Post-Democratic Authoritarian System - Adaptation to Changes - Giving Up Freedom for Security - Maintenance of Power - Profiled Public - Destruction of Common Culture and Family Unit - United Nations.